Semi Social

Issue 38

This creative renovation of a Sydney semi blurs boundaries and reconfigures spaces to create a home full of surprise and personalit

Lucky Gamble

Issue 38

A former gambling den down a back lane in Brunswick proved to be a good bet for a young family on a tight budget keen to gain a foothold in Melbourne’s inner-city property market.


Issue 38

This highly textured renovation of a heritage-listed house by Phooey architects, both respects the past and propels it into the present.

point of reference

Issue 37

For architect and resident Jeremy McLeod, The Commons apartment block in Melbourne represents not just a new way of living sustainably but a fresh take on property development.

neighbourhood Watch

Issue 37

To enter architect David Saunders’ home in Melbourne is to take a trip on a sea of ideas.

Modern Dugout

Issue 36

Christopher Polly’s extension of a Sydney semi to accommodate a family of five targetted its under-utilised undercroft area and ... a jacaranda tree.

Angular Charm

Issue 36

It took 20 years before owner Nikki Maloney was ready to say goodbye to her 1890s weatherboard. In architect/builder Drew Heath she found someone who understood how to retain some of the old while radically reconfiguring the unusual site.

Narrow Victory

Issue 35

Creating a fully flowing family home from a dark Fitzroy terrace disconnected from its north-facing rear meant careful reprogramming of its five-metre-wide site.


Issue 33

This low-budget, lightweight extension in Brisbane showcases the twin talents of architect Mick Hellen.

Suburban Pad

Issue 32

This small, one-person house in a Brisbane suburb is redefining the granny flat.