Sustainable, urban design.

Many factors come into play in order to create sustainable development in urban areas. Those that focus on outcomes that use local, recycled or recyclable materials, are of a smaller scale and consume less energy are what we look for to publish in green magazine. Renovations that stay within the original footprint and reuse materials in creative ways, new builds that use less space within a block, thereby allowing vegetation to offset the hard surfaces and medium density developments that focus on ground-breaking, sustainable urban design is what you will find. We look for inspirational architecture with good  passive design that consumes little energy, houses that consider how to reduce the amount of new material, sourced locally when possible, introduce plants for heat control and consider community.

Teen Spirit—Melbourne Renovation for a Family With Teens

Issue 94

Placement Architects’ ‘soft’ renovation for a family with teens maximises the original footprint and bones of a Melbourne terrace through deft interventions that introduce light, flow and multi-functional spaces for both togetherness and retreat.

Design, Stacked—Second-storey Bungalow Addition

Issue 93

A couple and their young daughter have a new home, built as a second-storey addition to their parent’s ground floor bungalow. This simple decision has created an intelligent, stacked solution without sacrificing the beautiful garden out back.

Blended Beauty—Victorian Share House Delightfully Transformed

Issue 92

Inspired by FMD’s nearby Bustle House, a newish couple with a blended adult family turned to its creators to gracefully transform a dark Victorian share house into a flexible, light-filled home celebrating ornate Victorian detailing and contemporary connection to inner-city life, nature and self.