Issue 64

Set amidst a pocket of residential bushland, Woollahra House by Porebski Architects complements its natural and heritage surroundings with an earthy material palette and leafy outlook.


Issue 64

A home Brisbane’s West End is a model for urban densification achieved by a virtuous and aspirational meeting of the minds.

Designed for All

Issue 64

INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL was an exhibition developed by green magazine and MINI LIVING, in collaboration with the City of Melbourne and the RMIT School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Promise Kept

Issue 64

How does a young, design-savvy Elsternwick family update a compact classic by Czechborn modernist pioneer Ernest Fooks, commissioned in 1951 by the client’s grandfather? Sensitively, and in calm collaboration with an unflappable builder and an architect who shares their love of relaxed mid-century style.

Horses for Courses

Issue 64

With a slew of awards and accolades to her name, architect Kerstin Thompson is nothing short of a high achiever – and she’s not done yet.

Root to Tip

Issue 63

Time, effort and a good measure of risk-taking have paid dividends in this nifty New Zealand home for two couples.

Miniature Muse

Issue 63

Inspired by terrariums, an architect renovates an existing cottage into a flexible family home that mingles architecture and landscape.

Remaking History

Issue 63

An 1880s cottage in Sydney is carefully modernised while staying true to the timeless principles of honest construction, quality materials and abundant light.

Vertically Challenging

Issue 63

A five-storey, multi-generational glass-and-concrete home on a tiny St Kilda in-fill site zoned for business sure got the neighbours and council talking. Architect Matt Gibson and design industry clients collaborated closely on this striking presence animated by its surroundings.

Local Character

Issue 62

Light, bright and bold: this architect’s Perth family home is a modern take on gable-roofed character buildings complete with top-notch views.