Past And Present

Issue 54

The ship-shape of this Albert Park house reminds one of a liner
that has slipped its moorings. Occupying a triangular parcel of land of only 48-square metres, it is a wonderful example of what can be achieved on a site that would normally be dismissed for redevelopment.

Secret Gardens

Issue 54

This diminutive house turns its back on the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s inner west with voids, volumes, gardens and courtyards that offer an introspective sanctuary.

Sky Garden

Issue 53

A small, two-story home in London’s East End gains a stunning roofscape and becomes the talk of the town.

Bigger On The Inside

Issue 53

A lesson in space and light, the pristine white interior of this Bondi-based home creates a sizable illusion.

Outside Inside

Issue 53

A mysterious but dreamy home in Byron Bay joyfully celebrates the ambiguity of interior and exterior space.

Gloriously Askew

Issue 52

Oddly shaped blocks can make for awkwardly programmed houses – not so for this North Fitzroy gem from Clare Cousins Architects, which pinwheels out from a generous central core into sublime gardens offering unexpected vistas and connections in all directions.

Spatial Gymnastics

Issue 52

An old 70-square-metre unit is transformed into a home that packs a whole lot of living into its sliver of suburbia.

Simple Illusion

Issue 51

The devil is in the detail of this deceptively simple Federation cottage in the inner-west of Sydney that effortlessly combines the old with the new.

Separated At Birth

Issue 51

When architect Alex Lake of Therefore Studio took on his first residential project, the brief was to not only transform a dilapidated Californian bungalow by the Elwood canal, but the bog-standard plans that came with it.

Freo Wins

Issue 47

With a small footprint and height restrictions, the design for this infill home is a masterclass in space efficiency and climate control.