A Priori

Issue 68

“When I first started it was illegal to install water tanks in a domestic project in the inner city … so we adopted a subversive approach to the architecture we were doing,” Ric Zen of Zen Architects recalls.

Local Knowledge

A newly-expanded Brisbane home enriches the lives of the family living within it and the neighbourhood in which it stands.

Changing Tune

Issue 67

Taking an active approach to passive design, Anderson Architecture uses the terrace-house typology to achieve an eight-star rating.

Treasure Chest

Issue 67

“The brief was for a classic, Italian-inspired café designed like a jewellery box,” explains Ohlo Studio of Willing Coffee, a venue in Guildford, WA.

Time Traveller

Issue 66

Three Piece House nods to the past, present and future; designed for the existing streetscape, contemporary living and sustainability.

Against the Grain

Issue 66

A new house in a historic Brisbane neighbourhood exemplifies conscientious design and a simpler way of living.

Step by Step

Issue 66

Based in Japan, atelier Luke is bringing an Australian approach to the renovation of post-war row houses, while preserving their traditional character and structure.

Talking Point

Issue 65

Chance encounters and interactions on the rear laneway have become an invaluable part of Dave and Skye Palethorpe’s enjoyment of their house.


Issue 65

Architects Liz Walsh and Alex Nielsen have breathed new life into a Tasmanian one-room apartment that is incredibly detailed and full of little surprises.


Issue 65

These houses sat in ruin for decades until People's Architecture Office joined forces with the local government in a bid to revive the area and support a budding community of local artists and craftspeople.