Sustainable landscapes and gardens

When it comes to sustainable landscape design in Australia, the key messages are to plant appropriately for the varying climates. We look for gardens that are beautiful but also do the job required by providing food, shade, habitat, shelter and respite. Green minded landscapes use less hard surfaces so that they are more permeable. They are planned alongside the house to engage the occupants and work with sight lines. They work best when they are easy to access and draw occupants outside.

Second Wind

Issue 81

The courtyard garden of a seminal work of architecture is transformed into a canvas for seasonal light and shadow.

Sweet As

Issue 76

Melbourne apiarist and architect Nic Dowse’s collective, Honey Fingers spreads the joy of beekeeping.

Tricks and Texture

Issue 75

Landscape architect Tim Nicholas has used design smarts to full effect in this textural, Japanese-inspired garden.

People Power

Issue 75

Farm it Forward is transforming unused land into market gardens, but the great value is in the social and environmental benefits for the local community.

Chance Encounter

Issue 74

The architecture and landscaping of a project skirting Noosa National Park pay homage to the local ecosystem.

The Hungry Gardener

Issue 74

Hidden on a quiet leafy street in a quiet leafy suburb by the bay in Melbourne, Fabian Capomolla has carved a very productive garden for his family.

Local Legend

Issue 73

A landscape by Phillip Withers Landscape Design with Yarra Valley Water champions Victoria’s coastline and the importance of water conservation.


Issue 73

‘Atmosphere: A Revival’ is a sauna installation by Sydney-based art and architecture collective, Studio Rain.