Modern Shack

Issue 31

With three architects involved this holiday house could have pulled out all the design stops, instead it became an exercise in restraint.

Site Specific

Issue 35

With a superb site on the Tasman Peninsula, the owners put their trust in a firm of young architects. It was a leap of faith that led them in a direction they would never have thought of.

Shacking Up

Issue 43

Spared the wrecking ball, a quintessential fibro cottage on Sydney’s southern beaches is preserved and extended for the next generation.

Box Of Surprises

Issue 35

With no glamour view and barely a flat surface upon which to build, this low-budget NZ bush retreat packs quite an architectural punch.

Dare To Dream

Issue 46

A cave-like retreat on a secluded bay on NZ’s South Island is the stuff dreams are made of. Its architect, Andrew Patterson, is more down to earth about its environmental ambitions.

Surf & Turf

Issue 45

The humblest forms of shelter and storage – a tent and an implement shed – are the references that sparked the design of this home on the outskirts of Titirangi in West Auckland.

Pure Maths

Issue 35

The owners of a windswept site in Inverloch, two hours south- east of Melbourne, turned to a Sydney-based architect for an unconventional home that offered both exposure to and protection from their stunning coastal environment.


Issue 42

With an idyllic view but a fiendishly difficult site on NZ’s Waiheke Island, architects Atelier Workshop pushed the envelope on sustainability whilst delivering a high level of beauty.

Into the Woods

Issue 42

A simple cabin nestled on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula has been dramatically transformed by a compact, angular addition shaped, quite literally, by the architect’s expertise in landscape design and sculpture.

The New Undercroft

Issue 33

A classic beach house style of the 1950s was the inspiration behind this Neeson Murcutt weekender on Sydney’s north coast.