Issue 66

Designed by Richard Stampton Architects, this showroom for Australian fine jeweller Cushla Whiting in Melbourne delves far deeper than a conventional retail experience.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Issue 66

Designed by Kerstin Thompson Architects with Figureground Architecture, Sunda celebrates its temporariness through a delicate, metallic structure tucked between brick neighbours in Melbourne’s Punch Lane.

Leaps and Bounds

Issue 65

A winning combination of foresight, skill and sense stands kitchen manufacturing company Cantilever in good stead.


Issue 65

Designed by Amber Road for Edition Coffee Roasters in Sydney, this café packs an astounding amount of Japanese-inspired panache into its 110-square-metres.

Unlocked Potential

Issue 63

The resounding glory of the Williams Burton Leopardi Studio belies its humble beginnings as a derelict, 300-square-metre space in the 100-year-old State Heritage-listed Darling Building in Adelaide.

Elemental Communion

Issue 61

From the outset, the owners of Opa Greek Meze Bar wanted to feature copper throughout their venue.

Something Different

Issue 61

Paramount House Hotel was designed to give a unique take on Australian hospitality in Sydney’s Surry Hills.