Issue 70

Workspace design, done well.

Striking a Balance

A selection of bathrooms of different shapes, sizes and styles to capture one's imagination.

A Cut Above

Issue 65

A compilation of knock-out kitchens to pique your interest and excite your imagination.

Working Smarter

Issue 64

You never work a day in your life if you enjoy it – so the saying goes. We’ve rounded up a variety of offices that turn working environments into spaces for creativity, collaboration and cohesion.

Above and Beyond

Issue 62

Prefabrication (also affectionately referred to as prefab) continues to advance technologically, ever-reducing manufacturing and construction time and so lending itself to a broadening range of uses and settings. We’ve rounded up six of the best projects that prove just how versatile and sustainable prefab can be.

Pushing the Envelope

Issue 61

Bathrooms are not to be architecturally underestimated. They can be extravagant or understated, bountifully colourful or tonally restrained. When it comes to bathrooms, the devil is truly in the detail – fixtures and finishes are carefully selected to work together as a purposeful whole. We’ve chosen a range of bathrooms that rightfully assert themselves as singularly notable spaces.

Recipe for Success

Issue 60

Identifying the ingredients to create sustainable, practical and inventive multi-residential developments.

Kitchen Catalogue

Issue 59

The kitchen is the place where many things come together. We cook and eat there, we socialise there; most importantly, we make memories there. Kitchens are the focal point of many homes and their designs must combine necessity with form. We’ve rounded up six kitchens that prove it’s possible to have it all.

The Future, Now

Issue 58

At some point in our lives, most of us have probably spent time working in an office. Whether situated in the home or in a public space, offices are physical sites of productivity and socialisation. Here we take a peek at the work of architects and designers who’ve abandoned tired stalwarts such as fluorescent lighting, rockhard chairs and awkward water coolers. The offices of the future are here, now.