Less is More

Issue 55

Adaptable, intuitive and interactive joinery has liberated space in this two-bedroom apartment in Manly, Sydney.

A Deft Touch

Issue 55

Architecture Architecture’s smart, restrained interventions in a light, spacious period home in Hawthorn have injected warmth, playfulness, garden connectivity and some ingenious bedroom joinery that just may save a relationship.

Country Manner

A respectful refresh of a local architect’s cleverly designed Beaumaris home has created a relaxed, Scandi-inspired holiday house vibe in Melbourne’s suburbs for interior designer Fiona Austin and her mid-century design loving family.

Experimental Terrain

Issue 55

Amongst the garage-heavy suburban streets of south-west Brisbane lies a unique garden filled with visual and physical complexity.

Depth Of Field

Issue 54

Behind many inner-city properties are long, narrow rear gardens, and while “long” is an attribute worth having, denoting depth, “narrow” is a much less desirable dimension.

Showcasing Your Wares

Issue 54

The hardy garden of landscape designer Kathleen Murphy, under construction at her Gisborne home, is a place to trial plants, showcase product designs and work – in a tranquil design studio inspired by green that has increased her team’s productivity.

A Modest Marvel

Issue 53

Playful, understated and full of surprises, Courtyard Cottage is no ordinary coastal home.

Trade Craft

Issue 52

This concrete house in Torquay uses a procession of spaces to strike the right note between the public and private realms.

Kiwi Cool

Issue 10

Designing an environmentally friendly house on a remote island in New Zealand has been a challenging yet rewarding task for both owner and architect.

The Right Direction

Issue 54

This Ontario home may have won green accreditation but it is its all round livability that makes it truly sustainable.

A Bright Future

Issue 52

Two contrasting buildings make for a surprisingly coherent pair, as art meets architecture and environmentalism.

Base Camp

Issue 51

When your working life is spent on the ocean waves and your digs are a cabin and a galley kitchen afloat, living in tight angular rooms is the norm. For Tom Aveling, a superyacht skipper, small spaces aren’t a hardship to be endured, they’re a joy – it’s no surprise he wanted to live in one.

Eat And Play

Issue 53

Kitchen spaces have reclaimed their place as the heart of the home in the past few years, proving to be more and more flexible – with that in mind we’ve explored six designs brimming with versatility.

Human Ingenuity

Issue 52

Prefab and modular homes are a dynamic force in the housing market right now. As their affordability and sustainability grow more and more popular, so do the ways in which they are designed.

Down To Business

Issue 51

How far has office design come in the last decade? Miles! Six architects demonstrate just how individual, flexible and aesthetic they can be.