Ningaloo Salvation

Issue 57

Reef, desert and sky culminate in a defining Australian landscape.

A Little Whimsy

Issue 57

This small footprint extension liberates its landscape with some out of the box thinking.

Golden Opportunity

Issue 57

Mick and Jules Moloney are partners in life and work who practise what they preach from their joyfully sustainable home office in Ballarat.

Living Small

Issue 57

Architects Amy Hallett and Darren Kaye brought years of experience to bear on their compact but perfectly formed Albert Park home, which is rich in tactile detailing and sturdy as a hand-built ship.

Backyard Harvests

Issue 57

Urban Growers are taking small city spaces and turning them into urban-scale farms.

Postage Stamp Oasis

Issue 57

A tiny concrete courtyard in Balaclava that is, technically, half car space, has been transformed into a year-round living room by Acre’s Brett Robinson.

Salvage And Share

Issue 55

Kat Lavers demonstrates the power of permaculture with the transformation of her compact Northcote garden, the Plummery.

Island Daze

Issue 55

Picnic Island proves too interesting to simply while away the day, with an abundance of activities and nearby beaches and mountains to explore.

A Modest Marvel

Issue 53

Playful, understated and full of surprises, Courtyard Cottage is no ordinary coastal home.

Trade Craft

Issue 52

This concrete house in Torquay uses a procession of spaces to strike the right note between the public and private realms.

Off Grid

Issue 57

Shacky finds a way to use the tiny house phenomenon to help out farmers and give “city people” a taste of the country.

Tree Change

Issue 56

Beneath the surface of a “humble shack” on Western Australia’s wheat belt lies a stunning home in constant dialogue with its surroundings.

The Right Direction

Issue 54

This Ontario home may have won green accreditation but it is its all round livability that makes it truly sustainable.

The Art Of Space

Issue 57

We praise the architects who are showing us that downsizing definitely does not mean downgrading.


Issue 55

Our pick of bathrooms for all climates, shapes and sizes, designed and built for longevity.

Eat And Play

Issue 53

Kitchen spaces have reclaimed their place as the heart of the home in the past few years, proving to be more and more flexible – with that in mind we’ve explored six designs brimming with versatility.