Sky Garden

Issue 53

A small, two-story home in London’s East End gains a stunning roofscape and becomes the talk of the town.

Bigger On The Inside

Issue 53

A lesson in space and light, the pristine white interior of this Bondi-based home creates a sizable illusion.

Outside Inside

Issue 53

A mysterious but dreamy home in Byron Bay joyfully celebrates the ambiguity of interior and exterior space.

City Farmers

Issue 54

Ex-publishing duo Emma Bowen and Michael Zagoridis trade in their desk jobs to pursue urban farming, and it turns out they’re pretty good at it.

Open Slather

Issue 53

After decades of designing to clients’ tastes, Rick Eckersley and his business partner Myles Broad have embraced the glorious luxury of impromptu experimentation and
light-hearted fun at their 10-hectare work-in-progress on the Mornington Peninsula.

Open Court

Issue 41

An innovative design blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces – and living – in this Fairfield Hacienda.

A Modest Marvel

Issue 53

Playful, understated and full of surprises, Courtyard Cottage is no ordinary coastal home.

Trade Craft

Issue 52

This concrete house in Torquay uses a procession of spaces to strike the right note between the public and private realms.

Kiwi Cool

Issue 10

Designing an environmentally friendly house on a remote island in New Zealand has been a challenging yet rewarding task for both owner and architect.

A Bright Future

Issue 52

Two contrasting buildings make for a surprisingly coherent pair, as art meets architecture and environmentalism.

Base Camp

Issue 51

When your working life is spent on the ocean waves and your digs are a cabin and a galley kitchen afloat, living in tight angular rooms is the norm. For Tom Aveling, a superyacht skipper, small spaces aren’t a hardship to be endured, they’re a joy – it’s no surprise he wanted to live in one.


Issue 15

Like most architects, Richard Loney experimented a bit with his own house. Susanne Kennedy visited his glass-walled box hunkered into a valley in Tasmania.

Eat And Play

Issue 53

Kitchen spaces have reclaimed their place as the heart of the home in the past few years, proving to be more and more flexible – with that in mind we’ve explored six designs brimming with versatility.

Human Ingenuity

Issue 52

Prefab and modular homes are a dynamic force in the housing market right now. As their affordability and sustainability grow more and more popular, so do the ways in which they are designed.

Down To Business

Issue 51

How far has office design come in the last decade? Miles! Six architects demonstrate just how individual, flexible and aesthetic they can be.