Gundagai Glamping

A small off-grid cabin perched high on a Gundagai sheep and cattle farm becomes a beacon for people hoping to spend some time away from the daily grind – or get married.

Ningaloo Salvation

Issue 57

Reef, desert and sky culminate in a defining Australian landscape.

Splitting The Difference

Issue 59

Two couples have divided their land but united their lifestyles in this incredible sub-divided property.

Living Artwork

Issue 58

Crayon House is an architectural triple threat: playful, practical and sustainable.

Suburban Splendour

Issue 58

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this expansive family home is at one with nature.

The Family Business

Issue 58

A descendant of two pioneering Western Australian farming families, Lucinda Giblett proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

A Shared Ethos

Issue 58

The Little Green Corner in Geelong champions sustainable food options by utilising locally grown produce and running regular educational workshops.

Horizontal Commons

Issue 58

Victoria's first 10-star house is designed by Clare Cousins and championed by the developers behind The Commons as an affordable, beautiful and environmentally healthy future for volume building.

Island Daze

Issue 55

Picnic Island proves too interesting to simply while away the day, with an abundance of activities and nearby beaches and mountains to explore.

A Modest Marvel

Issue 53

Playful, understated and full of surprises, Courtyard Cottage is no ordinary coastal home.

Seasons Change

Issue 59

Edition Office’s award-winning home for an architecturally adventurous Fish Creek couple has used the constraints of its elevated site to create an expandable home of protected pavilions and courtyards with killer views to Wilson’s Prom.

Off Grid

Issue 57

Shacky finds a way to use the tiny house phenomenon to help out farmers and give “city people” a taste of the country.

Tree Change

Issue 56

Beneath the surface of a “humble shack” on Western Australia’s wheat belt lies a stunning home in constant dialogue with its surroundings.

The Future, Now

Issue 58

At some point in our lives, most of us have probably spent time working in an office. Whether situated in the home or in a public space, offices are physical sites of productivity and socialisation. Here we take a peek at the work of architects and designers who’ve abandoned tired stalwarts such as fluorescent lighting, rockhard chairs and awkward water coolers. The offices of the future are here, now.

The Art Of Space

Issue 57

We praise the architects who are showing us that downsizing definitely does not mean downgrading.


Issue 55

Our pick of bathrooms for all climates, shapes and sizes, designed and built for longevity.