Bravo Brugarol

Issue 60

A Spanish sojourn to imbibe the gastronomic, architectural and natural delights of a Catalonian farmhouse and winery.

Furneaux Foraging

Issue 59

Can you keep a secret? Whether intentionally or otherwise, the Flinders Island locals have managed to keep quiet about this extraordinary isle off north-eastern Tasmania.

Gundagai Glamping

A small off-grid cabin perched high on a Gundagai sheep and cattle farm becomes a beacon for people hoping to spend some time away from the daily grind – or get married.

Something Different

Issue 61

Paramount House Hotel was designed to give a unique take on Australian hospitality in Sydney’s Surry Hills.


Issue 61

An unassuming home is reworked into a finely detailed family environment that subtly honours craftsmanship.

Exercise in Efficiency

Issue 60

Penny Fuller and Jad Silvester’s reconfiguration of their 40-square-metre one-bedroom apartment was an exercise in efficiency. The architects, who lead their own practice, Silvester Fuller, made dimensional improvements and utilised visual tricks to maximise the space functionally and visually.

Born Again

Issue 60

A landmark modernist home in Brisbane is given a new lease on life through an empathetic and considered restoration.

Melting Pot

Issue 61

Steeped in history and blessed with rich soil, this eclectic Melbourne garden is a patchwork of cultures and memories.

Divine Inspiration

Issue 60

The spiritual values of a school in Brisbane’s north are expressed and explored in the redesign of its campus.

Garden Marketing

Issue 60

A strong entrepreneurial streak, a flair for marketing and a swag of high-profile awards and installations is helping Richmond-based landscape designer Phillip Withers expand his horizons beyond city limits.

Simplicity Itself

Issue 61

'Not a McMansion’ was the brief for this Kerstin Thompson-designed beach house in Somers, which cleverly accommodates a retired couple and their regular guests with a cluster of pergola-linked pods elevated for sea breezes and views.

Ulterior Utopia

Issue 60

A garden-loving client relocating permanently to Sorrento sought help from her landscape designer sister Fiona Brockhoff and architect Clare Cousins to create a private, secure, flexible beach house whose clever arrangement of pavilions, courtyards and gardens offers strong connections to the coastal environment.

Horizontal Commons

Issue 58

Victoria's first 10-star house is designed by Clare Cousins and championed by the developers behind The Commons as an affordable, beautiful and environmentally healthy future for volume building.

Where Old Meets New

Issue 60

This bold extension to a countryside Victorian cottage cleverly reuses materials and creates a warm family environment topped off with serious sustainable credentials.

Seasons Change

Issue 59

Edition Office’s award-winning home for an architecturally adventurous Fish Creek couple has used the constraints of its elevated site to create an expandable home of protected pavilions and courtyards with killer views to Wilson’s Prom.

Off Grid

Issue 57

Shacky finds a way to use the tiny house phenomenon to help out farmers and give “city people” a taste of the country.

Pushing the Envelope

Issue 61

Bathrooms are not to be architecturally underestimated. They can be extravagant or understated, bountifully colourful or tonally restrained. When it comes to bathrooms, the devil is truly in the detail – fixtures and finishes are carefully selected to work together as a purposeful whole. We’ve chosen a range of bathrooms that rightfully assert themselves as singularly notable spaces.

Recipe for Success

Issue 60

Identifying the ingredients to create sustainable, practical and inventive multi-residential developments.

Kitchen Catalogue

Issue 59

The kitchen is the place where many things come together. We cook and eat there, we socialise there; most importantly, we make memories there. Kitchens are the focal point of many homes and their designs must combine necessity with form. We’ve rounded up six kitchens that prove it’s possible to have it all.