Unsung Hero

Issue 67

Seeking to remind us of the time and effort that goes into producing a humble loaf, London-based designers Studio MICAT created an outdoor gym that makes bread, located at a children’s camp in the United States.

Nurturing Nature

Issue 67

The Diggers Club is committed to preserving seeds and the art of growing them for the gardeners of tomorrow.

The Next Chapter

Issue 67

A family’s garden straddles the past, present and future in tender homage to the importance of domestic landscapes in our lives.

Beauty & Bounty

Issue 66

Thomas Woltz says he’s not a visionary but his output contradicts him. His landscape architecture firm has helped to transform tens of thousands of acres of degraded agricultural land into rich ecological communities that pulse with life.

Problem Solved

Issue 66

A refreshed traditional terrace house and its inviting new garden flip the script.

Tall Order

Issue 65

One of Melbourne’s highest green roofs crowns an inner-city apartment that captures the suburban garden experience 28 storeys above ground.


Issue 65

A suburban Brisbane home and garden takes full advantage of its natural assets and gives back to the environment.

In Conversation

Issue 64

The garden of this striking Sydney project says as much about the home’s architecture as it does the story of the family living within it.

Room to Bloom

Issue 64

Sure, we’ve all heard of a tree change, but what about a ‘flower’ change? Sandy McKinley’s move to a Trentham flower farm has lead to a tight-knit community of local growers in pursuit of sustainability.

Perched Paradise

Issue 63

Architect Adam Haddow’s Sydney apartment proves that when it comes to gardens, height is no obstacle.