Issue 63

Wide Open Agriculture is devoted to restoring the landscape and people of the West Australian Wheatbelt.

Message in a Bottle

Issue 62

Clea Cregan of Miniscape Projects has proven how creativity and brilliant design can prosper in projects of any shape and size.

Survive and Thrive

Issue 62

The harsh conditions of a family’s coastal property and their self-confessed plant-killing tendencies culminate in a hard-wearing, unpretentious and welcoming garden.

Cultivating Community

Issue 61

Nick Steiner took a suburban backyard experiment and turned it into a thriving charity organisation that brings fresh produce to disadvantaged Australians.

Melting Pot

Issue 61

Steeped in history and blessed with rich soil, this eclectic Melbourne garden is a patchwork of cultures and memories.

Divine Inspiration

Issue 60

The spiritual values of a school in Brisbane’s north are expressed and explored in the redesign of its campus.

Garden Marketing

Issue 60

A strong entrepreneurial streak, a flair for marketing and a swag of high-profile awards and installations is helping Richmond-based landscape designer Phillip Withers expand his horizons beyond city limits.

Provocateur in Portugal

Issue 59

Dr Leyla Acaroglu is in the midst of restoring a small Portuguese farm to create a cultural destination for change-makers.

Sensory Punch

Issue 59

Landscape designer Jenny Kjar is slowly transforming her 40-acre block in the foothills of the Warby Ranges in northeastern Victoria into a tough but playful garden that draws in the surrounding landscape and engages the senses at every turn.