Local Character

Issue 62

Light, bright and bold: this architect’s Perth family home is a modern take on gable-roofed character buildings complete with top-notch views.

Good Bones

Issue 62

Maddison Architects director Drew Carling and designer Jenni Draper found plenty to love about a “defensive” 45-year-old brown brick legal office on a tapering block in West Melbourne. The beauty of their high-impact renovation is its exquisite restraint.

Borrowed Landscapes

Issue 61

Panovscott has turned a workers cottage inside out and back-to-front to borrow from and contribute to the surrounding landscape.


Issue 61

An unassuming home is reworked into a finely detailed family environment that subtly honours craftsmanship.

Exercise in Efficiency

Issue 60

Penny Fuller and Jad Silvester’s reconfiguration of their 40-square-metre one-bedroom apartment was an exercise in efficiency. The architects, who lead their own practice, Silvester Fuller, made dimensional improvements and utilised visual tricks to maximise the space functionally and visually.

Born Again

Issue 60

A landmark modernist home in Brisbane is given a new lease on life through an empathetic and considered restoration.

Just a Little

Issue 59

Figr Architecture have re-created a family flexible home that’s small, comfortable and a little bit cheeky.

At Ease

Issue 59

A small red brick home is transformed with a series of beautiful, linked and seemingly simple boxes deliberately at odds with the original house.

Splitting the Difference

Issue 59

Two couples have divided their land but united their lifestyles in this incredible sub-divided property.

Living Artwork

Issue 58

Crayon House is an architectural triple threat: playful, practical and sustainable.