For the Love

Handmade & Found is an Adelaide-based studio that produces handmade objects for everyday use. Bringing together a cast of “talented craftspeople”, Handmade & Found’s current product range includes works from Ebony Heidenreich, Mathieu Cottin, Damon Moon and Yuro Cuchor, among others.

Founder, Saul Scanlon, explains that he is passionate about the industry and nurturing those working in it, sharing: “Handmade & Found was founded out of this deep love for craft and design. With a career that has spanned ceramics, furniture and lighting design, I understood firsthand the challenges faced by the next generation of young craftspeople trying to build … careers in their field.”

Saul shares that sustainability is integral to the studio’s approach: “The greater social awareness of waste and its impact on the environment has heightened to both designers and consumers the need to make responsible choices.” We call this one to watch.


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