Current Issue

Issue 59

10 Dec, 2017

Issue 59 is on the stands from January 4 – subscribe here. Our cover house by Figr Architecture and Design for one of its directors and his family epitomises an encouraging urban trend, renovate rather than move. Even more exciting, instead of expanding beyond the original footprint (or up) increasingly…

Issue 58

29 Oct, 2017

Issue 58 is on the stands on November 6, subscribe here to receive over the next week. The houses in this issue, as always, have been designed for the owners’ particular needs and their environment. In Sydney, Welsh and Major Architects retained the front few rooms of a timber cottage and at…

Issue 57

25 Aug, 2017

Issue 57 is on the stands on September 7, subscribe here to receive over the next week. Inside our “small” issue we’ve sought out homes that demonstrate how we can have everything we need in a house contained to a site far removed from the traditional quarter-acre block. Our cover house demonstrates perfectly…

Issue 56

29 Jun, 2017

Issue 56 is on the stands on July 6, subscribe here to receive over the next week. Inside, Riverview House by Architect David Boyle responds to the surrounding landscape by way of a series of internal and external rooms with carefully conceived views. Olaver Architecture have honoured the ‘box on…

Issue 55

1 May, 2017

In issue 55 we look at four renovations. In Brisbane Nielsen Workshop & Morgan Jenkins Architecture extended the rear of a tiny cottage by a few metres and in doing so opened the once dark undercroft. In a small Sydney apartment  Adriano Pupilli, removed walls and built a portal within a deep timber lined passage. Architecture…

Issue 54

1 Mar, 2017

Inside issue 54, Drew Heath’s House of Gardens, OOF! Architecture’s project on a 48-square-metre wedge of land, the reworking of a Beaumaris beauty by Austin Design Associates and Leed certified ‘Compass House’ in Ontario, Canada. Also landscapers, Pepo, tackle a narrow, long block and we admire the studio and garden…

Issue 53

30 Dec, 2016

Issue 53 in newsagents and selected stores January 5. Inside, our annual kitchen feature, a coastal shack by Wolveridge Architects, a home and studio in Byron Bay by Vokes and Peters Architects, a barn in the middle of Bondi by Clayton Orszaczky and a tiny pad in central London by Hayhurst…

Issue 52

3 Nov, 2016

Issue 52 in newsagents and selected stores on November 8. Inside, the latest on prefabricated and modular housing. A raw, coastal home which opens and closes with the weather by Auhaus Architecture, a 70-square-metre unit transformed by Studio 106 in NZ, Clare Cousins Architects turns a simple weatherboard towards the garden and art, architecture…

Issue 51

4 Sep, 2016

Issue 51 in newsagents and selected stores on September 8. Inside an off-the-grid home in the NSW Northern Tablelands designed by Rory Brooks, the renovation of a Californian Bungalow by Therefore Studio, Christopher Polly’s renovation of a Sydney cottage and a tiny, angular cabin designed by Anna-Marie Chin in New Zealand….

Issue 50

5 Jul, 2016

Issue 50 in newsagents and selected stores on July 7. Inside is a feature on the movers and shakers in design, architecture and landscape design. Also a tiny, grass-roofed house by David Luck architects, an affordable renovation using SIPs by Kieron Gait Architects, a rural home for a young family…