Issue 79

Issue 79 comes out 3 May. Order on its own or as part of a subscription.

Here at green magazine, we’re big believers in taking cues from the natural world. One of its many triumphs is its ability to adapt to changing circumstances; animals, plants and environments have reinvented themselves to continue to thrive. In the human realm, we’ve experienced great upheaval in recent times and our homes have had to adapt themselves to the requirements of a new way of living. On this note, we introduce our latest issue.

Sometimes, adaptation calls for working with what we already have in new ways. Meet Melbourne-based multidisciplinary practice Revival Projects, who is salvaging and repurposing building materials while advocating for making sustainable practices the norm in construction.

Austin Maynard Architects continues to prove it can do no wrong with Terracotta House, which combines a farmhouse with a multi-generational city living and buckets (or perhaps, wheelbarrows) of style.

Then in Tassie, visit the family home of a founding Director of Plain Architecture – where the song and dance of daily life with kids is embraced by a flexible architectural approach.

You’ve probably heard of thinking outside the box, but the pair behind Bligh Graham Architects show us the genius of creating one’s own to live in. This Queensland family home eschews tradition by catering for a great variety of uses.

While we’re talking clichés, here’s another: this renovated 1960s house in Sydney’s Paddington is much more than first meets the eye with its richly detailed, Japanese-inspired interior.

Returning to Melbourne, Splinter Society Architecture shows us how to modernise classic Californian bungalows.

Our first garden feature is a reminder that these special places can be about nature as much as they are humanity. Set on the Mornington Peninsula, two horticulturalists have created a garden of movement and meaning.

Further afield in Berlin, prepare for surprise at the sight of a decrepit former shipyard transformed into a verdant paradise.

Lastly, pop down to the Tasman Peninsula and savour the local sights and sounds.

Issue 79 comes out 3 May. Order on its own or as part of a subscription.

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