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Southbank by Beulah competition winner announced

19 Aug, 2018
Australia is set to welcome its tallest building to date, Green Spine , a stunning cantilevered structure composed of two towers, both with a twisting geometric glass façade and terracing. After a six-month global search, Green Spine by Dutch...

MINI Profiles: Nightingale 1 by Breathe Architecture

16 Aug, 2018
INVERT 2.0 MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL is the second collaboration between green magazine, MINI LIVING, the City of Melbourne and RMIT, in the form of an exhibition and talk series which will be presented in October 2018. This year we're exploring...


15 Aug, 2018
The Sydney Opera House today announced that four of Denmark’s most renowned and innovative architects will come together in October to discuss Jørn Utzon’s global legacy as part of the 100th anniversary of Utzon’s birth. Developed in...

Local Talent

13 Aug, 2018
Stylecraft has always had a soft spot for local talent and their latest collection completely celebrates that. The range consists of five handcrafted rugs individually created by five of Australia’s leading designers: Keith Melbourne, Tom Skeehan,...