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What’s in your paint?

25 May, 2017
There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to refresh and transform a space. There’s also nothing quite like the acrid scent of paint off-gassing for days afterwards. The toxicity of paint is a concern for all home-makers because it...

New Zealand’s first ‘no negative impact’ building

24 May, 2017
The first building in Aotearoa New Zealand to leave no footprint, and be globally recognised as actually replenishing its environment and community, was honoured on Friday in Seattle. Ngāi Tῡhoe’s tribal headquarters in Taneatua (Te Kura...

Up-Cycle House

22 May, 2017
Born again: Up-cycling gives an ageing home a new lease on life. Up-Cycle House is a freestanding three-bedroom, two-bathroom house located in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. Architect Alexander Symes designed and built Up-Cycle House to...

Solar with smarts – case study

19 May, 2017
A 3.4 kW solar panel system with Enphase microinverters and two 1.2 kWh batteries is installed to meet the daily electricity needs of a family of four. The Envoy control system provides monitoring of electricity generation, storage and...

Living Cities Forum 2017

19 May, 2017
Melbourne’s six-year place atop the Economist’s Global Liveability Ranking would appear to put the city in an unassailably positive position. But how reliable is this annual review of the city’s celebrated liveability? Some feel that such...