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Mirvac’s House With No Bills

9 Dec, 2017
Would you like to live rent-free in a brand new house for a year, strive to eliminate energy bills, and save the planet while you’re at it? Leading urban property group Mirvac is searching for a Melbourne family of four as part of a bold...

Wooden sculpture revealed at Sydney CBD station

7 Dec, 2017
Australian contemporary artist and sculptor Chris Fox has unveiled a major site specific installation suspended from the ceiling above a bank of escalators inside Wynyard Station in Sydney’s CBD. The work, titled Interloop, is a hovering...

The Green Building Council of Australia launches new website

5 Dec, 2017
A new website called Living Green Star is set to guide the growing number of home buyers on the hunt for sustainable apartments, communities and retirement living villages. The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) launched the new online...

Victorian Design Challenge 2018 has opened

1 Dec, 2017
In partnership with VicHealth, NGV's inaugural Victorian Design Challenge invites designers to form multi-disciplinary teams with professionals from other sectors to apply design in targeting a real world problem. This year, the NGV is partnering...