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Drying Green Park

4 Feb, 2016
Construction Documentation for the Drying Green Park by McGregor Coxall is near completion. Named after its historic use as a wool washing and drying facility, this modern urban park provides much needed open space for residents located at the heart...

The New Joneses

3 Feb, 2016
The New Joneses’ awarded, ‘off-grid’ home pops-up in City Square, showing lifestyles choices, from our dunny-paper to our bank, that positively impact our people & planet. Previously, arriving in undies and bathrobes, ‘unlikely...

Great Local Lunch at SLF

3 Feb, 2016
Win two seats at The Great Local Lunch a ‘crowd farmed’ feast of Victorian freshly picked and foraged produce, cooked up by Melbourne’s most celebrated chefs. On Sunday February 14 the banks of the Yarra will hold the biggest yet Great...

100 Chairs In 100 Days

3 Feb, 2016
Do you have a favourite object or piece of furniture that tells a personal story? A piece that although less than perfect, partly damaged or simply not in use anymore, you’ve kept for its embedded memories and emotional value? Would you be willing...

MPavilion’s final week

28 Jan, 2016
MPavilion's final week includes a couple of not-to-be-missed events. MRELAY, PART 4: UTOPIA The last session of the marathon conversation featuring thirty-two speakers is hosted by Michael Williams, director of the Wheeler Centre. It can...