Flotex resilient carpet

Flotex: the high-tech floor covering

Flotex is a unique textile flooring, it combines the hard-wearing & durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth, and comfort of a carpet. Flotex is a one of a kind floor covering with a category of its own – a resilient carpet.

Available in sheet, tile, and plank formats. With the option to even create your own custom carpet! Thanks to its smooth, velour like surface that looks and feels like a carpet, Flotex is the perfect textile substrate for vibrant designs and true to life visuals that can be produced in high-level photographic resolution. All desired colour shades and hues can be achieved.

It is the ideal floor covering option in extreme high foot and wheeled traffic areas such as leisure/sports centres.

✔ Built to last – for extreme foot and wheeled traffic areas
✔ Impervious backing – that’s fast-drying
✔ Allergy approved textile floor
✔ Green Tag certified
✔ R12/P5 slip rating when dry and when wet
✔ Sound control – up to 22 dB impact sound reduction
✔  Hygienic – It provides 30% more soil removal than carpet.

For more information, visit www.forbo-flooring.com.au/flotex

Flotex - The high tech textile floorcovering