Raw Elegance

Issue 39

With holiday houses getting larger and shoutier, it's telling that a small, budget weekender is the one turning heads.


Issue 38

Award-winning architect Drew Heath’s take on the shipping container as a house has plenty of design and a lot of nerve.

Future Perfect

Issue 37

The clients of Tasmanian architect Misho Vasiljevich – a couple in their 70s – had a clear view of how they wanted to live now and into the future.

Spiritual Puzzle

Issue 36

The clean, pared-back lines of this new family home belie the knotty problem- solving that went into its design.

Fibro Finesse

Issue 34

Moving from the inner city of Brisbane to a rural valley, an architect couple has taken the vernacular and refined it to work with the landscape not against it.


Issue 32

From the wrong side of the tracks, a modest 1920s cottage in NZ is a now a carefully curated mix of old and new.

To Size

Issue 32

When it comes to persuading clients to go for a smaller footprint, a West Australian design couple has let their own home do the talking.

An Aunt’s Story

Issue 29

This new beach shack on a bay south of Hobart combines the spirit of the past with the clean lines and airy atmosphere of the present.

Vantage Point

Issue 28

Small but perfectly formed - this home in southern Tasmania was customised to the clients’ needs, and their budget.

narrow victory

Issue 28

A compact yet stylish coastal “bach” on NZ’s Coromandel Peninsula was the ultimate practical assignment for a group of architecture students from Auckland’s Unitec.