A Fine Romance

28 Dec, 2015

The Jane, a sweet 46 foot cruiser is as beautiful inside as out, thanks to the very personal involvement of designer Rodney Egglestone of March Studios. The sun is caressing the horizon, the sea turning silvery grey as I hurry up St Kilda pier. Usually dotted with people, tonight the pier is emptying as…

Up Lights

18 Dec, 2015

One of the most successful and inspiring design projects we have seen is the “PET Lamp” project designed by awesome Spanish designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón in response to an invitation by the country of Colombia to be a part of a project focused on the reuse of these bottles which were suffocating the Colombian Amazon. The…

New Digs

17 Dec, 2015

A new cafe, Denis the Menace, in Melbourne’s Cremorne, is the third for seasoned proprietor Adam Wilkinson. He engaged Simon Cookes of Duckbuild to prove that “every bit counts when it comes to sustainability”. Natural light from the warehouse ceiling ensures herbs and fruit trees will be happy, as will the 12,000 worms munching on coffee grounds…

DesignOffice’s Pop Down Bar

26 Nov, 2015

Winner at IDEA 2015 and recipient of a high commendation at the Eat Drink Design awards 2015, DesignOffice’s Pop Down Bar in American ash has been repurposed to highlight the environmental impact of American hardwood use. The Pop Down Bar was unveiled in 2014 as the launch venue for the…

Roji Respite

24 Nov, 2015

With a lovely brief to reflect the philosophies of the surrounding development as well as the products used in the salon, Craig Tan Architects was asked to include “a connection to nature, sustainability and the use of organic ingredients and natural materials” in their recent project. The Roji Salon is entered…

Bioplastic Fantastic

16 Oct, 2015

French design company Alki have designed their first bioplastic chair: “The Kuskoa Bi”. The Alki workshop is in a valley at the foot of the Pyrenees in France and their proximity to untouched mountains and forests keeps them conscious of the impact they have on the environment. They have always…

Welcome Shelter

30 Sep, 2015

North of Gisborne on New Zealand’s East Coast is the Longbush Ecosanctuary, over the last 15 years Jeremy and Dame Anne Salmond have overseen a rapid restoration of the 120 hectares with removal of invasive pests and weeds and the planting of hundreds of thousands of native trees. Their latest project for the sanctuary is the Welcome…

COLORBOND® steel lends environmental credentials to sustainable home

30 Sep, 2015

Roofing and wall cladding made from colours in the COLORBOND® steel colour palette has played a vital role in the custom design and construction of a sustainable residential property. Straddling picturesque Brisbane Forest Park in the western Brisbane suburb of Brookfield, a recently completed residence built to sustainable design principles…

Kennedy Nolan’s Warehouse conversion

21 Sep, 2015

Carlton Warehouse Carlton warehouse designed by Kennedy Nolan Architects is a unique, private house built on a site bound by the walls of a former industrial building with a garden on two sides in inner city Carlton. From the outside, it gives a sense of creativity, the unknown and wonder….

PARK(ing) Day

10 Sep, 2015

One of Brisbane’s leading architects BVN will make a workplace on the street as their contribution to Brisbane’s PARK(ing) Day on Friday 18 September. “Increasingly people are able to work anywhere, so we have designed a space where people can gather and still do some work,” said Mr Brian Donovan,…