Aio Aurajet™ Shower Collection

The next generation of showering has arrived.

Introducing Aurajet- Methven’s most advanced, most invigorating shower experience ever, that turns conventional showering on its head.

Invisible nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces hidden within the contours of the unique halo-shaped showerhead. The result is a stunning fan of luxuriously dense droplets that delivers a highly efficient shower with 20% more spray force and twice the amount of water contact on your skin than a conventional shower*, generating enveloping warmth.

Winning over 25 local and international design awards, including the Red Dot Best of the Best award in 2017, Aurajet® technology is available in two unique designs- halo designed Aio, or in the soft-square shaped Rua. Committed to saving water, Methven’s breakthrough spay technology uses as little as nine litres per minute, eliminating the need to compromise saving water for a luxurious shower experience.

*compared to a conventional shower

Aurajet Shower Experience