Lead-Free Tapware

Methven continues to set new standards in manufacturing, using lead-free Eco Brass® in our latest collections. This revolutionary high quality, high strength material is lead and heavy metal free*, therefore helps to preserve water quality for both consumption and bathing.

EcoBrass® has a greater corrosion resistance than traditional brass, creating a product that helps to protect the user from any additional heavy metals entering their water supply, especially lead. This material goes beyond current Australian compliance requirements and truly sets new standards in tapware. The increased durability and quality of EcoBrass ® is paired with quality ceramic cartridges which further ensures strength and longevity.

Our Aio, Surface and Turoa tapware collections are all crafted from lead-free materials to ensure minimal exposure to toxicity.

The Aio & Surface Tapware collections are fully crafted from EcoBrass®. Both designed and engineered in New Zealand, the Aio tapware range combines intriguing sculptural contours with a modern minimalist design. This collection is a triumph of imagination that bravely defies convention that is the future of tapware design.

Joining Aio tapware is the Surface collection. Not only lead-free, the Surface tapware collection has a refined contemporary architectural aesthetic by combining clean lines and elegant floating planes.

Creating a striking impact in your bathroom and taking lead free materials to a truly new level is the Turoa collection. Crafted from Stainless Steel, which contains no lead in its composition. Where required, any brass elements & fittings of Turoa  are manufactured out of EcoBrass®.

*Lead free brass is that which contains 0.25% or less lead content.