Bulletin Board – Pinboard Linoleum

Pin Board Linoleum or Forbo BULLETIN BOARD is an all natural material that can be applied to the wall or frame mounted. It has a tactile surface and can be used as a decorative element in your house or office along with being a practical aid for pinning thoughts and ideas. Bulletin Board is produced from all natural renewable raw materials. A combination of oxidised linseed oil, finely ground cork and  a jute backing. The product is flexible and resilient with excellent pin hole recovery and holding strength compared with other pin board materials.  Bulletin Board is naturally bacteriostatic and will not attract dust. Bulletin Board is 6mm thick and comes in rolls x 122cm wide. Bulletin Board is easy to cut and flexible so can be used to create functional wall decorations and visual effects. Bulletin Board can also be printed on or painted over if desired. There are 15 colours from neutral to vibrant that can easily be combined. Bulletin Board is available Australia wide and is GECA certified and Declare red list free.

Bulletin Board By Forbo Flooring Sytems