Coastal architecture focuses on the use of simplistic yet innovative design techniques to create places that encourage a connection to the surrounding environment. Combining a strong attention to detail with the use of recycled materials, coastal sustainable development seeks to establish spaces that can expand and contract around guests, adapt to seasonal weather patterns, optimise solar orientation and maximise views. Coastal houses that link people and place, present an experience of the elements and celebrate the use of local materials demonstrate key elements of coastal modern architecture.

Pure Maths

Issue 35

The owners of a windswept site in Inverloch, two hours south- east of Melbourne, turned to a Sydney-based architect for an unconventional home that offered both exposure to and protection from their stunning coastal environment.

Site Specific

Issue 35

With a superb site on the Tasman Peninsula, the owners put their trust in a firm of young architects. It was a leap of faith that led them in a direction they would never have thought of.

The Long View

Issue 33

A harsh landscape, albeit with a glorious view, on Tasmania’s east coast set the challenge for a beach house that could last the distance.

Modern Shack

Issue 31

With three architects involved this holiday house could have pulled out all the design stops, instead it became an exercise in restraint.

No Frills

Issue 23

Designed with a certain nostalgia, this new weekender takes the best of the fibro shack ideal – simple amenity in a beautiful location – and interprets it with contemporary materials and the essentials of sustainable design.