Current Issue

Issue 52

3 Nov, 2016

Issue 52 in newsagents and selected stores on November 8. Inside, the latest on prefabricated and modular housing. A raw, coastal home which opens and closes with the weather by Auhaus Architecture, a 70-square-metre unit transformed by Studio 106 in NZ, Clare Cousins Architects turns a simple weatherboard towards the garden and art, architecture…

Issue 51

4 Sep, 2016

Issue 51 in newsagents and selected stores on September 8. Inside an off-the-grid home in the NSW Northern Tablelands designed by Rory Brooks, the renovation of a Californian Bungalow by Therefore Studio, Christopher Polly’s renovation of a Sydney cottage and a tiny, angular cabin designed by Anna-Marie Chin in New Zealand….

Issue 50

5 Jul, 2016

Issue 50 in newsagents and selected stores on July 7. Inside is a feature on the movers and shakers in design, architecture and landscape design. Also a tiny, grass-roofed house by David Luck architects, an affordable renovation using SIPs by Kieron Gait Architects, a rural home for a young family…

Issue 49

28 Apr, 2016

Issue 49, in newsagents and selected stores on 5 May. Inside Austin Maynard Architects’ stacked transparent boxes respond to the street, Owen Architects delve down under to find the coolth in a classic Queenslander, Archier deliver a house of courtyards and views in Tasmania and Farnan and Findlay reveal a weathering…

Issue 48

1 Mar, 2016

In issue 48, a bold cabin in NZ by Crosson architects, an Art Deco renovation by Rob Kennon architects, a finely crafted apartment in Germany and a beachside home inspired by a campsite. We take a look at small spaces and how to make them work, the Sydney garden of…

Issue 47

28 Dec, 2015

Inside issue 47, heritage and small project award winner, The Barn by workbylizandalex, the conversion of a former printing press by Steffen Welsch, an infill project in Fremantle by architects Yun Nie Chong and Patrick Kosky and a three story home built on a five x four-metre block by Ralph Alphonso. Our…

Issue 46

2 Nov, 2015

Issue 46 looks at joinery, for space saving and craftsmanship. Our cover house is a cave-like retreat on NZ’s South Island. Also inside, renovations by Caroline Pidcock in Sydney and Foong + Soorman in Melbourne and a new house on 100-square-metres by Levesque and Derrick in Brisbane. Our gardens include…

Issue 45

3 Sep, 2015

Issue 45 includes our annual office feature, an award winning, sculptural home in country Victoria by Archier, a sophisticated  inner city renovation by Lisa Cummins Architects, a home redesigned for liveability in Fremantle by Philip Stejskal Architecture and a stylish and rugged home in NZ by Dorrington Atcheson Architects. We visit…

Issue 44

3 Jun, 2015

On our cover an award winning terrace renovation by David Boyle. Inside a home to accommodate two families, a reworked 1970s townhouse and a co-housing project on the banks of the Bree River in Berlin. We investigate seven prefab and modular houses and our gardens include a Sydney harbour sandstone masterpiece…

Issue 43

7 May, 2015

Issue 43 includes our annual bathroom feature with a spread of well designed and creative bathrooms. Our cover house is a high tech family home with a green roof and a spectacular view. Other projects include the preservation of a fibro cottage, a dramatic and beautiful bushfire resistant home and…