Issue 58

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The houses in this issue, as always, have been designed for the owners’ particular needs and their environment. In Sydney, Welsh and Major Architects retained the front few rooms of a timber cottage and at the rear built a long narrow extension using brick to blend in with the surrounding buildings at its rear.

A colourful house by Grieve Gillet Anderson in Adelaide produces more energy than it consumes, and contains a space for brewing beer and tinkering with bikes. In Melbourne’s leafy Ivanhoe, Techne Architecture and Interior Design produced a home for a large, blended family, addressing the natural beauty of the site and meeting a high level of sustainability.

Meanwhile, on Victoria’s Bass Coast, The Sociable Weaver and Clare Cousins Architects have produced a carbon positive home with a 10-star rating. The environmental credentials are impressive but so too is the broader intention of the neighbourhood in which the house sits. The Cape aims to connect residents to each other and the coastal environment.

Connecting communities lies at the heart of both of our garden profiles in this issue, the Little Green Corner barters with its clients, whilst social enterprise Stellar Violets invites them in to learn.

This issue also looks at how today’s office is a far cry from the office of a decade ago. Workplace flexibility, the desire for more natural light and ventilation, and the way in which we work has changed so dramatically that it has required architects to completely rethink their concepts. We take a look at seven offices that work in very different ways to meet the needs of their inhabitants.

Finally, in case you missed our exhibition, MINI LIVING – INVERT, see what our invited architects produced for a site with a footprint of just 6 x 10 metres in Melbourne’s CBD.

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