Issue 59

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Our cover house by Figr Architecture and Design for one of its directors and his family epitomises an encouraging urban trend, renovate rather than move.

Even more exciting, instead of expanding beyond the original footprint (or up) increasingly and thankfully we are seeing more homes keeping within it. For their renovation this family questioned what they needed to live comfortably, what was a luxury and what could they do without.

Down in Hobart we see the same dilemma for a growing family who wanted to stay put but had certain needs and challenges to address. The resulting home, designed by Archier, has met all of these requirements and more. It has also maintained and even enhanced levels of light and outdoor space, without building up.

In another creative solution, one of our featured homes is actually two. Overcoming issues of budget and a desire to be near the centre of Wellington in New Zealand, Spacecraft Architects and their family joined forces with another family and split a steep block, designing a pair of homes to suit everyone’s needs.

Keeping our cities from expanding any further and learning to live comfortably within smaller footprints is something we hope continues to evolve.

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