The 2021 ArchiTeam Conference

The 2021 ArchiTeam Conference is an action-packed virtual conference with satellite events to help us connect and share.

Against the backdrop of a precarious and uncertain world, it feels like it has never been more challenging for architects. Architecture is a permanent act in a rapidly changing environment. The stationary against the seismic.

Post-pandemic, many Australians have a newfound appreciation for what it means to dwell in a space, in a community, and in a city. In the workplace, open-plan offices with hot-desking are now decidedly outdated. Whilst at home, studies, and private open space have never been more valuable. In cities, spatial qualities and relationships have also been brought sharply into focus. Public parks have never been more enticing for their essential rejuvenating qualities, whilst the reduced vehicle traffic during the crisis offered a glimpse of a possible rebalanced future.

For all of the upheaval and shockwave delivered by the virus, the bigger environmental crises still remain. What is the role of the architect in this? What should our new vision be? What needs to change? What will remain the same?

The 2021 ArchiTeam conference will explore the future trajectories for design, practice, and business that will enable architects to rise to the challenge.

Trajectories will look to the future to critically examine how architects should respond to unprecedented and rapid change. How can small and medium practitioners test design leadership, business strategy, collaboration, and disruptive innovation to achieve positive outcomes in a world that looks very different compared to the last five years?

The ArchiTeam Conference website is live and will be announcing keynotes and panellists between now and May. See more here:

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