Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project wins Green Design Award at Good Design Awards

Sydney Park Water Re-Use Project has been awarded the 202020 Vision Green Design Award at the Good Design Awards Ceremony held in Sydney on Thursday, 17 May 2018.

Turf Design Studio and Environmental Partnership designed the city’s largest water harvesting system, and was the recipient of the prestigious stand-alone award, which recognises excellence in green design and the impact on built environments.

From a wasteland to a large-scale biodiverse region that harvests, cleans and makes use of storm water, Sydney Park is a transformed thriving wetland located on the southwest fringe of the CBD.

“We were drawn to the project and saw it as a worthy recipient of the award as [it has] delivered a dynamic solution to future-proofing water supply, as well as increasing and improving green amenity and biodiversity within a dense built environment,” said 202020 Vision Spokesperson, David Moore.

“To paint you a picture, the park boasts panoramic views of a green oasis with picturesque water cascades – also attracting local wildlife. This spacious landscape also comprises of a Water Falls installation which is a unique immersive opportunity that educates the community about the water harvesting process.”

The project was assessed on their impact and contribution in creating an improved green space, greater appreciation for plants and trees within the project design development stage, biophilia, air purification, water sensitive urban design, product design and development that progresses both green and living infrastructure increases and improvements.

Australia’s Good Design Awards is one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards programs in the world; showcasing the best of Australian and international design. This particular award was established in 2016 by Good Design Australia and the 202020 Vision to help raise awareness and to promote excellence in green design.

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