2021 Tasmania Landscape Architecture Awards winners

Tasmania’s finest spaces were on display this evening as the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) revealed the winners of the 2021 Tasmania Landscape Architecture Awards.

AILA recognised one Award of Excellence and three Landscape Architecture Awards across three categories, highlighting projects which celebrate the natural beauty of Tasmania and show leadership in landscape planning.

The jury applauded the entrants for the outstanding projects which showcased a bold and promising future for nature-based tourism.

This year’s Landscape winners have been revealed as:

• Feycinet Master Plan
• Cradle Mount Visitor Centre
• Acton Residence
• A Manual for Evaluating the Visual Impact of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

AILA Tasmania ex-president Jerry De Gryse said the winning landscape projects had cemented Tasmania’s reputation as an outstanding place for tourism and landscape appreciation.

“With international tourism off the cards, Tasmania has become a hotspot for domestic tourism, and it’s very encouraging to see the landscape architecture industry embracing and accommodating this,” Mr De Gryse said.

“I would like to congratulate all of the entrants, and of course the winners, for the incredible contribution they have made to our industry, our local community and those who come from all corners of the world to enjoy these spaces.”

AILA Tasmania Landscape Architecture Awards Jury Naomi Barun said comprehensive understanding of sites and a thoughtful and contextual response was a running theme throughout the awards.

“These landscape architects have overcome site challenges to enhance the existing landscapes and improve the visitor experience,” Ms Barun said.

“These projects have anchored the surrounding architecture, and in doing so, confidently brought the landscape to the fore.

“I’d also like to highlight our sole Award of Excellence recipient, A Manual for Evaluation the Visual Impact of Pumped Hyrdo Energy Storage by Inspiring Place.

“This manual demonstrates leadership in landscape planning and visual impact assessment. It communicates in plain English how we interpret the landscape and manage scenery and has significant potential for use by not only Hydro Tasmania, but also other infrastructure bodies and landscape architects across Australia.

“I am very pleased to have been involved in the Tasmania Landscape Architecture Awards for 2021 and have been incredibly encouraged and proud to see the outstanding landscape architecture projects which are being undertaken in this State.”

AILA Tasmania Award of Excellence and Landscape Architecture Award winners will gain automatic entry into National AILA Awards, to be held later this year followed by the International Landscape Architecture Festival.


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