Warema External Venetian Blinds

Exterior sun shading of windows using Warema External Venetian Blinds reduces the heating effects of solar radiation by up to 90% to create relaxing, comfortable interior spaces. Unlike textile blinds external venetians can admit reflected light resulting in light-filled working or living spaces and reducing the need for artificial lighting throughout the day. An external view and connection to the exterior is maintained on demand through tilted venetian slats whilst privacy is preserved. When light levels drop external venetian blinds can automatically retract fully out of sight. This feature also provides easy access to the glass for cleaning.

The shallow curve of the blade surface perfectly complements the fine lines of modern architecture. Guiding the slats is achieved using slimline extruded aluminium rails or coated stainless steel cables.

Warema blinds feature the most extensive range of custom components available to adapt blinds to any building application, as well as the largest color range and many innovative features such as self cleaning slats and silent motors. An extensive range of controls optimises the shading and daylighting effects by tracking the sun, and responding to other climate information.

The many energy saving benefits of using external venetian blinds for sun shading along with their engineered components for high reliability will more than offset any initial capital investment.

Green Credentials

High radiation reflection, low radiation absorption and low radiation transmission values means less heat entering inside.
Fully retractable venetian blinds allows maximum light in low light conditions and easy access to the glazing for cleaning.
Low embodied energy in manufacture.

External Venetian Blinds