Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are an attractive solution for spaces with a calming and subdued atmosphere. They create a diffuse light and whilst robustly engineered have a delicate appearance and fine level of detail. The aesthetic is based on an ancient Chinese form of shading where paper was pleated and soaked in oil to control light and shadow. Today’s Warema version uses advanced fabrics with sophisticated manufacturing processes with discreet cords and even motorisation. Pleated blinds retract to an extremely small dimension, and often present a solution to projects with minimal space at window heads or for window openings with shallow depth. Fabric options include reflective backing for improved solar resistance. This form of internal blind, being lightweight and rigid across the width is well suited to irregular shapes and overhead applications.

Key Features

  • Extensive range of colors and effects
  • Extremely small compacted dimension
  • Solution for hard to access spaces
  • Lightweight and adaptable to many situations
  • Asymmetric shapes
  • Manual control or motorisation
  • Dedicated Warema control module for motor options
  • Many control options including building automation