Internal Roller Blinds

Internal roller blinds protect your furnishings, maintain privacy and are an important element of your interior decoration scheme bringing warmth to a space and softening the brightness of glass and window framing. Available in a huge range of colours, textures, transparency levels and control options to suit your requirements, our architectural range offers discreet quiet componentry and precision engineered rollers suitable for most residential applications. Choose from a range of popular Australian fabric choices or an extensive collection of European fabrics.

Our architectural range includes larger scale components generally suited to housing within ceiling recesses incorporated into your design. Shade Factor has extensive experience in the planning of these projects and can assist you to achieve the highest levels of detail. The key is to plan early since a zone must be established within the structure to accommodate the blinds without conflicting with other building services.

Larger rollers allow greater spans, faster fabric travel and increased fabric stability achieved by a reduction in the number of rotations. Whilst not as effective as external blinds in reducing solar load, we offer a range of specialised fabrics with reflective backing to maximise solar protection and reduce glare.

Key Features

  • Huge range of available fabrics including block out, screens and translucent
  • Spans of up to 4500mm. Ideal for double sliders
  • Range of motors for local operation or connection to home automation systems
  • Adjoining blinds can be interlinked even around corners
  • Choice of designer base rails
  • Special shapes and features are possible
  • Double blind option for daylight and block out applications
  • Option of light sealing profiles for greater room darkening
  • Option of guide cables
  • ZIP rail version available for light sealing and perfect fabric tension
  • Shop drawing service for bespoke requirements