Rack Arm Louvres

The Shade Factor Rack arm louvre system positions the louvres in front of the supporting frame so that the louvres remain the main architectural feature. The absence of a perimeter frame also means the system can be adapted to irregular shapes. Circles, trapezoids and many types of asymmetrics present no problem.

It is the louvre system with the greatest freedom of configuration and has been used for a myriad of architectural effects. The versatile pivoting slat clip system adapts to a range of different slat profiles. There are endless color options since both the supporting arms and the extruded slats are powder coated or anodised to specification.

The roll formed slat for lighter applications or as a compliment to the Warema external venetian range is available in popular venetian colors. We also offer a Western Red Cedar alternative. The system can be installed in any plane, vertical horizontal, sloping, externally or internally.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, yet robust system, requiring no special structural support.
  • Filigree profiles are well suited to the scale of residential design
  • Irregular shapes can be made with the unique feature of full operability
  • Motorised operation with remote, local switching or advanced automation
  • Highly efficient solar protection, particularly on glazed roofs
  • Range of slat profiles for sunshading, dim-out and façade effects.
  • Any orientation is possible