Durra Panel – A compressed straw building panel

Durra Panel® is the fully certified wall and ceiling panel that insulates against sound and heat while being stronger, safer and cheaper than an internal plasterboard wall. Plus, because it is made entirely out of compressed straw sourced from local Australian farmers, it’s extremely environmentally friendly.

Durra Panel® boast the desired properties of acoustic and thermal insulation, low embodied energy, durability along with a high degree of impact resistance. The panel can achieve a one-hour fire rating, making it suitable for use in a range of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Durra Panel can be used to create simple and safe ceiling and wall systems along with non-load bearing partition walls. Importantly, Durra Building Systems provides cost effective savings on site, greatly reduce
labour and build times.

Manufactured in Ortech Industries’ Bendigo factory located in Victoria, using a process developed in conjunction with the CSIRO, Durra Panel® is used in airports, convention centres, sports stadium and landmark projects around the globe. It is also an ideal material for residential construction, being made from non-toxic organic material that is not only easy to work with but also simple to dispose of with offcuts able to be composted and used as a soil conditioner.

A compressed straw core between two layers of Kraft Liner.

Simple, versatile, affordable.

Maximum Panel Size: 1220mm x 3600mm

Thickness: 50mm or 58mm

Nominal Weight: 18.5 kg – 22 kg per square meter

Thermal Conductivity  – U Value: 0.081 W/mK

All materials can be supplied cut to specific sizes.

Durra Panel - Sustainable, Durable & Affordable