Aluminium Waterproof Decking – DryDeck

Innovative One Piece Waterproofing Aluminium Decking

DryDeck is an aluminium deck board with an innovative tongue and groove design that creates a beautiful, low-maintenance, fireproof deck surface. NexGEN Aluminium DryDeck deck boards provide the added bonus of an integrated gutter system for a dry, usable area under the deck. Deck boards fit together in a tight, tongue and groove configuration, forcing most of the water to run off the surface. Any water that gets through the tongue and groove is funneled into the integrated gutter channel, creating a 100% watertight decking surface.

The safe, textured surface naturally stays cooler to the touch than traditional decking and enhance design of any architectural style. DryDeck was designed and engineered for high traffic use in the most demanding applications.

NexGEN DryDeck is rated for use in BAL FZ (Flame Zone) areas.