UdiIN 2CM Wood-fibre insulation board

The slim, interior insulation board. Suitable for direct rendering.

The UdiIN 2CM® SYSTEM insulation board is comprised of a matrix of a multitude of chambers enclosing stationary air columns bonded to a capillary-active UdiWood-Fibre Insulation Board. It is notable for its very slim construction depth of approx. 25 mm.

The boards are installed by simply gluing them to the wall using UdiFOUNDATION® COAT. This is also subsequently used, together with UdiREINFORCEMENT® Strengthening Mesh, to coat the surface of the boards.

This surface can then be wallpapered, painted or tiled.

It is also possible to apply additional plaster coatings using UdiLIVE® loam or lime plasters.