WaterFurnace Envision² Compact – Ground Source Heat Pump

The Envision² Compact water to air GSHP offers industry-leading efficiencies in a much smaller footprint. The 2-speed copeland scroll compressor and variable speed ECM blower motor provide the perfect mix of efficiency and performance. The compact cabinet makes it the perfect solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Available in a wide selection of capacities (5-17kW), the Envision² Compact carries many of our most advanced features – including the Aurora generation of controls. Options include a factory-installed 24V motorized on/off water valve option for VFD pumping with automatic internal water flow control; hot gas bypass and reheat; and high-efficiency PSC, X13, or variable speed ECM motors to fit your efficiency and comfort needs.

For further details and brochures on the WaterFurnace Envision² Compact GSHP, visit our website.