WaterFurnace NHKW 5 Series – Ground Source Heat Pump

The NHKW water to water GSHP is a high temperature unit that is the geoexchange solution for boiler replacement. It is capable of delivering 65°C leaving hot water, which is perfect for radiators, underfloor radiant applications, overfloor radiant applications and fan coils.

A typical water to water GSHP is limited to water temperatures around 55°C which can make replacing fossil fuel (gas, wood, diesel etc) boilers difficult. The NHKW has been designed specifically to meet these higher temperature requirements and makes upgrading to a WaterFurnace geoexchange system easier. It utilizes low-pressure environmentally friendly R-134a refrigerant along with high efficiency components.

The NHKW represents some of our best features and efficiencies. Its advanced components offer a level of comfort and savings that are far greater than any ordinary system and among the geoexchange industry’s highest.

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