Meganite Acrylic Solid Surface

Meganite has been producing superior Acrylic Solid Surface products worldwide for over 40 years. ForestOne has worked closely with the team to curate an exclusive range featuring the best colours on offer plus options specifically created for the Australia. 

Explore the 42 colour range in sheet sizes 3660 x 760 x 12mm on the brand new Meganite website. Ranging from ever popular whites, to bold patterns, to subtle marbles, and everything in between – the colour range is the most comprehensive solid surface range ForestOne has had. 

Meganite has gained success due to their technological advancements, and therefore offers options that are unmatched throughout the industry. The latest is AcryMed, an antimicrobial surface that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. Ideal for medical environments, schools, food preparation surfaces, and high use areas, AcryMed is certified in accordance with ISO 22196 and JIS22801. 

Another technological achievement by Meganite is the X Series. The X Series is formulated for scratches to be darker and less visible compared to the similar dark colours. All of the darkest colours in the Australian Meganite range have the X Series technology. 

Also available are a full complement of basins, another first for ForestOne. Basins are available both in undermount and topmount. All basin options are available as complete kits with Lira Chrome wastes and overflows that meet Australian Standards. 

Meganite manufactures all sheets, adhesives, sinks, and basins – which means colour variation is nullified and the consistency is second to none. That, teamed with ForestOne’s extensive distribution network and corresponding product offering, means choosing Meganite for your next project simplifies and streamlines the entire process.