EGGER Flammex

EGGER is an innovative decorative European brand and international leader in developing fire-rated solutions. Flammex Eurodekor meets the highest of standards having been tested in Australia in accordance with AS 5637.1-2015 and adheres to the National Construction Code 2019.

Providing a beautiful aesthetic for walls, ceilings, joinery furniture, and are highly functional for high
traffic public spaces due to its fire-rated Group 1 Rating.

These panels are designed so they do not create droplets while burning and have low smoke emission. The emission behaviour is the same as with natural wood. Perfectly match other EGGER joinery or create a contrasting element with Flammex, the perfect Group 1 Fire Rating solution for commercial projects.

Schools, hospitals, hotels, shops and other public institutions have higher building code requirements for fire protection. Flammex panels achieve Group 1 Fire Rating and are highly functional without limiting design flexibility. Maximise design with limited joining thanks to the EGGER sheet size of 2790 x 2060 x 18mm.