Antegra Sinks

Antegra™ Sinks seamless undermount sinks are the perfect complement to Solid Surface benchtops.
Designed for a luxurious waterfall edge, the Antegra™ range of stainless steel sinks are made to the highest standards for a truly remarkable finish. Select Antegra™ sinks when quality and durability are as important as ‘’the look’’!

Beauty that  lasts
The Antegra™ sink range is backed with a 75 year guarantee. The construction process creates sinks of undeniable quality and equal to the highest industry standards. Hand-stamped from 1.2mm gauge, 304 hospital grade stainless steel, all sinks are coated with Insusound®, which insulates them and reduces noise.

Designed for excellence
Antegra™ sinks are made with a lip and the top and a 10mm ledge around the perimeter; this construction method ensures an easy installation, not to mention a spectacular finish with added durability. The lip at the top allows for more adhesive area and strength for your benchtop, as opposed to inferior alternatives that provide only a stainless base.

The 10mm ledge has a dual purpose; on one hand it builds in the allowance for the Solid Surface sides, continuing the perfectly smooth line from the benchtop. Whilst on the other hand, it makes for easier cleaning than if the Solid Surface was installed directly onto the bottom of the sink.

Be confident in the knowledge that Antegra™ sinks will stand the test of time and stay as beautiful as the Solid Surface around them!


  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Gold Brass
  • Gunmetal

Sizes (h x w x d)

  • 400mm x 190mm x 145mm
  • 400mm x 450mm x 175mm
  • 400mm x 500mm x 175mm
  • 400mm x 700mm x 175mm