Tennis Court Topping

Benefits of Clay Tennis Court Topping

Clay courts are a popular tennis surface, though they require some adjustment for players more used to hard courts or grass. Clay courts have some unique benefits for tennis players that make the adjustment worthwhile.

Slower speed

The clay surface slows the ball down, giving players more time to react and return shots. This allows players to demonstrate speed, agility, and flexibility that they may not get to show on faster surfaces. The slower speed also gives players more time to strategize and think through rallies rather than just react.

Easier on the body

The soft, clay surface is easier on players’ joints like ankles, knees, and hips. The clay absorbs impact and prevents injuries from sudden stops or direction changes. This can prolong players’ careers and allow them to continue playing at high levels without as much risk of injury.

Builds mental toughness

The clay surface requires patience to win points and games. Players have to be willing to get into longer rallies and earn points rather than going for quick winners. This builds mental toughness and resilience, which translates to success on all court surfaces. Players who start on clay often develop a determination and grit that stays with them throughout their careers.

EcoGroup’s recycled brick tennis court topping:

  • Is crushed to 2.5mm.
  • Is ideal for surfacing clay tennis courts.
  • Crushed from 100% red recycled bricks, it’s a great environmentally-friendly option for club owners and sports fans.
  • Comes in 1m3 bulk bags, 20kg bags, or loose by the tonne.

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