Rare Recycled Bricks

Rare Bricks

These exceptionally rare, recycled, antique bricks date back over a century. Handcrafted from clay and coal, their one-of-a-kind character and rich history make them highly sought after in today’s market. Almost impossible to replicate, Hawthorn Black and Handmade Apricot bricks are a timeless addition to any space.

Recycled Hawthorn Black bricks

These handmade bricks from yesteryear still stack up with rich, dark, black tones in colour sprinkled with manganese glaze spots. The black refers to burn marks made in the cooking process, this adds character and a unique look to the brick. Hawthorn Blacks are a highly sought after brick and are incredibly rare. Difficult to newly produce, these bricks channel historic, inner-city architecture and charm.

Recycled Handmade bricks

Our rarest and most sought-after.

Our recycled apricot handmade bricks embody sophistication and timeless architecture through their unique texture and notable history. These highly sought after bricks date back to the 1930s, where they were fabricated by hand by brick-makers almost a century ago. This rare and unique product is unable to be replicated due to its age and distinctive make-up. Our Handmade Apricot bricks remain one of our rarest, most highly demanded products to-date.