Recycled Bricks Melbourne

Encompassing Versatility and Sustainability

We’re one of Melbourne’s most popular recycled brick providers and we’re on a mission to change the construction landscape. That’s why we’re passionate about sourcing and restoring brick products – facilitating sustainable practicing and fashioning homes, in-style. The Benefits of Recycled Bricks include:

Environmental Sustainability

Recycled bricks are the building material of the future, laying the ground-work for the construction and home design industries to opt for more planet-friendly alternative. With more and more homeowners and builders opting for salvaged bricks, fewer bricks end up in landfill.

Cost Savings

Recycled bricks cost up to 20% less than new bricks, offering homeowners and contractors greater savings on building and renovation projects.

Historical Character

Recycled bricks are dynamic and can be utilised for contemporary/ urban builds, renovations and historical builds. Older recycled bricks are often preferred for restoration projects or historical buildings because they match the architectural era of the structure. Recycled antique bricks have a distinctive appearance and patina that cannot be achieved with new bricks. Their weathered, distressed look adds charm and character to buildings.

How it’s done

Brick recycling is apart of the circular economy. Demolishers and builders will often sell their brick waste to recyclers who then salvage the materials. Some brick recycling plants will crush the bricks and put them back together. This process is inferior to the restoration and revitalising process which keeps the natural shape, texture and colour formation of the brick – maintaining its character.

However, recycled bricks are dynamic and have a range of

Red Bricks

  • A Grade: High-quality, minimal imperfections. Ideal for exposed brickwork and facades.
  • B Grade: May have minor chips, cracks, or colour variation. Best for structural brickwork concealed behind drywall or siding.


Red Blue Clinkers

Irregularly shaped bricks produced at high kiln temperatures. Often handmade, they have a rustic, mottled appearance and are used for accent walls or paving.

Cream Bricks

Light, neutral-coloured bricks made from buff or pale yellow clay. They were popular in period architecture and remain in demand for renovations, extensions, and new builds in traditional styles.

Builder Bricks

Affordable, general-purpose bricks produced in various red and brown hues. A good choice for projects on a budget like chimneys, walls, walkways, and patios. With a range of sizes available, they can be suited to any task.

With such a wide array of types, colours, and styles to choose from, recycled bricks are a versatile material that can bring beauty, character, and charm to any building or landscape.

At EcoGroup, our comprehensive service includes product advice, colour matching (for seamless renovations), and competitive pricing. Bricks available include Rustic Reds, Coachhouse Greys, Clinkers, handmade bricks dating back to the late 1880s, rare Hawthorn Black and Browns, and builder’s bricks suitable for rendering.

Our products are lovingly recycled. What some refer to as chipped, cracked, have variations and imperfections, we like to refer to as character and key features of the brick. So please note, these are not newly manufactured bricks. That’s what makes them so wonderful.

Our unique brick-cleaning process leverages sophisticated Danish technology (one of only two machines in the world), and guarantees your recycled bricks will look as good as new. Not only do you get distinctive aesthetics and character, you can also be happy that you’ve lessened your eco-footprint during the building process.

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Images courtesy of Erik Holt Photography, Cos Design, Mason Developments & Impress Photography.