Silestone® Ethereal Glow

Silestone Ethereal Glow is a bold and modern surface. Its white background is tinged with small veins of gold and grey that unfold across the canvas in multiple directions. It is perfect for adding light-coloured surfaces to classic and elegant spaces and combining with light woods and golden metals.

A part of the new Silestone® Ethereal collection, the classic elegant surface interprets the dream-like beauty of the sky. Developed with HybriQ+ Technology, the surfaces are an unprecedented leap forward in design, sustainability and innovation that brings new life and vitality to this surface category.

The design of Silestone® Ethereal is made possible with HybriQ+ technology that offers beauty, performance and sustainability. HybriQ+ technology is a new manufacturing process that uses 100 per cent renewable energy, 98 per cent recycled water and a minimum of 20 per cent recycled raw materials. This new technology significantly reduces the presence of crystalline silica although it still offers the same hardness, stain resistance and low porosity that Silestone® is renowned for.