Cantilever Kitchen Systems

Cantilever design and build kitchen systems with an emphasis on quality design and sustainable living.

Our Kitchen System’s are designed & made by Cantilever in Brunswick East. Manufactured for the Australian home since 2006.The Cantilever Kitchen range features a distinctly Australian aesthetic, achieved through the use of locally sourced materials and a fresh, natural colour palette. Each design, construction detail and material has been researched and tested to ensure the products’ environmental sustainability, ergonomic function, and durability.


Designing for longevity

In today’s Australian home the kitchen is no longer just for food preparation. Commonly situated in open-plan areas, it is a place where families gather and entertain – it is the heart of the home. To meet these multi purpose lifestyle requirements, we revisited the humble kitchen and developed the Cantilever Kitchen System.

Informed by ten years of experience producing custom-made joinery for some of Australia’s most respected Architects and developers, our Kitchen Systems are a refined product: the designs, thoughtfully resolved; the materials and finishes, curated; our hardware, tested and edited to the best.

Our kitchens look good and work hard – but their real beauty lies in the day to day ease of effortless functionality.
The flexibility of our cabinetry systems enables us to thoughtfully consider function and ergonomics to suit your home and lifestyle, and our inclusive one-to-one design process ensures you get the best results.

We are environment-minded in our design approach with company standards on longevity, functionality and durability which are applied to every project. We believe in making products that not only serve our clients well but also have the best chance of not ending up in landfill. By designing for longevity, you can keep the kitchen you love, for longer.

When specifying materials and fittings, we preference products with environmental credentials and where possible source from within Australia working with local trade specialists to make our range of handles and sinks. When sourcing material or hardware internationally, we consider the manufacturing integrity of the product and whether it too is designed for longevity.

In our workplace, we are committed to minimising waste, improving air quality, and reducing the toxicity of the materials we work with for our employees, for the environment and for you. Our Kitchen Systems are made to order, hand-built in our Melbourne workshop and shipped nationwide. Manufactured for the Australian home since 2006.


Cantilever Kitchen Systems

Honest, durable and timeless, K1 combines hand-picked materials with clever manufacturing processes to deliver a robust kitchen at a value-based price point. The quintessential workhorse designed to stand the test of time, transitioning as seamlessly as it performs.

At a glance, the K2 is thoughtful, robust and elegant, but its true beauty lies in the day-to-day ease of intelligent design.
Ergonomics are carefully considered through the incorporation of appliance integration and feature hardware such as motorised lift-up doors and swing-out pantry systems.
K2 emerges as functional furniture, perfect for the contemporary open plan home.

With a playful nod to mid-century modern, K3’s pared-back design lends itself to both contemporary and retro interiors.
White laminate on ply is where nostalgia meets elegant resolve: K3’s familiar stride brings thoughtful simplicity to the home, pegging it our most popular system.

Green Credentials

Cantilever believe the key environmental considerations in kitchen production are longevity, functionality and durability. Through providing flexible configurations, quality fittings a timeless aesthetic and ergonomic design our products stand the test of time. When specifying, processes, materials and fittings we preference products with environmental credentials and where possible we source products from within Australia.