Bosch OptiFlow Range

The OptiFlow by Bosch is Australia first Bluetooth enabled hot water system, allowing for greater flexibility in operating the system. The OptiFlow has a patented combustion management system which has been proven to provide superior efficiency over the lifetime of the appliance. This is in part due to the algorithm the system uses to modulate the gas valve and fan speed to ensure optimum combustion.

The Bosch apps Water and Prowater both link to the OptiFlow. These apps allow for plumbers to track performance and get real time diagnostics on your hot water system. Its 6 star efficiency rating is a testament to its quality and innovative aspect.

The appliance is compatible with Solar and is compact and lightweight, meaning it can go just about anywhere. As with any Bosch product, we make products invented for life. That is why we offer a 3 year parts and labour warranty, but also a 12 year heat exchanger warranty.

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Green Credentials

6 star efficiency rating

Bosch OptiFlow