Bosch Internal Compact Mechanical Range

Highly efficient & environmentally-friendly design

The Bosch Internal Compact model range uses water movement to create its own small voltage that ignites the water heater. Akin to a small turbine, it works by creating a spark to ignite the electronic ignition. No electricity or battery supply is required with this automatic HydroPower ignition and with continuous flow technology, water only heats when required. This type of design means that for those living without mains power, the home is still left with a constant and reliable source of hot water.

Optimum performance in frost-prone areas

The inbuilt temperature controller with digital display can help to save money while providing the convenience of your preferred specified temperature – no need to mix both hot and cold water. With a lower flow rate available, small amounts of water can be heated easily and internal installation with vertical flueing ensures hot water is always provided, even in frost-prone areas.

Easy installation for smaller homes

Flexible water connections make for easy installation and with its small and compact design, it is ideal for small homes where space is limited.

Products invented for life

As with any Bosch product, we make products invented for life. That is why we offer a 2 year parts and labour warranty, but also a 10 year heat exchanger warranty.

The Bosch Internal Compact comes in 10L, 13L, and 16L models.

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