Bosch OptiFlow Professional Internal Range

Australia’s most compact internal water heater*

When space is a premium, the Bosch OptiFlow Professional Internal is the perfect solution. Paired with Bosch’s low cost coaxial flue, the appliance draws air in for combustion and expels flue gas outside, making the appliance room sealed and ideal for easy installation in compact spaces.

* When compared to internal gas continuous hot water units available to purchase in Australia as of September 2018.

Optimum performance for the environmentally-minded

The Bosch OptiFlow range has a patented combustion management system which has been proven to provide superior efficiency over the lifetime of the appliance. This is in part due to the algorithm the system uses to modulate the gas valve and fan speed to ensure optimum combustion throughout its lifetime. The unit measures the gas to air ratio four times per second, allowing it to intelligently and continuously adapt to its environmental conditions.

Using a patented ‘Easy Minimum’ technology, the hot water system can operate at very low minimum power output while maintaining a stable output temperature for ultimate user comfort.

In addition, the inbuilt temperature controller can help to save money while providing the convenience of your preferred specified temperature – no need to mix both hot and cold water.

Compatible with solar, the appliance is also compact and lightweight, meaning it can go just about anywhere while being green with its 6 star energy efficient rating.

Products invented for life

As with any Bosch product, we make products invented for life. That is why we offer a 3 year parts and labour warranty, but also a 12 year heat exchanger warranty.

The Bosch OptiFlow Professional Internal comes in 12L, 16L, and 20L models with a 50°C locked option.

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Green Credentials

6 star efficiency rating

Bosch OptiFlow Professional Internal