Umbris Louvre Roof

UMBRIS wants you to enjoy your garden and outdoor life more, and for longer during the year, with a slatted patio or garden canopy, in a style that perfectly suits your home.

UMBRIS patio covers feel like they have always been there and realise an architectural added value.

To achieve this, UMBRIS creates every time, for every customer, its own total solution, not modular but fully custom-built, which is realistically visualised in advance.

The personalised, technically sophisticated aluminium slatted roof is creatively combined with wood, glass, textiles and other materials.It even shelters you from a deluge and dampens the plucking of rain, it plays with shadows in the sun, it warms in the cold, it illuminates in darkness, it hides from view….

UMBRIS connects your home and garden all year round. Living outdoors and enjoying comfort in style, in all weather conditions, with the most quality, robust, architectural and fully personalised solution with slatted roofs, that’s what UMBRIS stands for.

A feast for every terrace and garden.